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Wilmer T

Year: 2012
Manufacturer: Blå Station

We modern humans always want to be so perfect. We have to work, eat, drink, socialise, read, play, update and then work a bit more. At work, at home and in between in public spaces, we are always online and available. Our interaction with our surroundings is constantly changing, while our old needs remain. How effective is normal furniture in our brave new technological world?

Resting, sitting down with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, a book, a newspaper, your mobile phone or computer, at home or away. Can we combine functions in a piece of furniture to suit our way of life today? Wilmer is a hybrid with irregular shapes, but with discernible traces of classic furniture. A shelf for bits and bobs, a mobile table top and seat to relax in.

The table is just as important as the chair or armchair – furniture made to be used, perhaps representing a way of life?