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Stefan Borselius established his design company in 2002. Since then his work has focused on furniture and interior design – everything from chairs, lamps and room dividers to carpets and textiles. Borselius has had the privilege of working with some of Scandinavia's most renowned companies in these fields. The Borselius Design studio is located in a the very south of Sweden

Stefan Borselius was born in Höllviken, at the south-western tip of Sweden. He has studied design and furniture-making for a total of eleven years. First he studied woodworking, just like his grandfather and great grandfather, who were skilled cabinet-makers. He completed these studies at the Steneby School with a “masterpiece” – the traditional journeyman’s test.

He then went on to take a Bachelor’s degree in furniture design at the Malmsten School, and a Master’s degree from Konstfack, the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. After graduating, he opened his own design studio, working during the first few years in close collaboration with the designer Fredrik Mattson. Their first collaborative venture resulted in the aluminium chair Sting for the Blå Station furniture company in Sweden.

Since then, Stefan Borselius has made a reputation of devising innovative solutions for materials, form and function. His ambition is to find new solutions to old problems and to develop new products for the way we live our lives today. He still considers himself a craftsman, for whom sketching and model-making are as important as work on the computer.

With his background in craftsmanship, Stefan Borselius regards even the smallest details as an integral and important part of the design. His interest in new materials and techniques together with an open mind and knowledge of both traditional handicraft and modern industrial processes, frequently results in unique and innovative products.

Inspiration comes from both day-to-day life and deep analytical thinking, from happy accidents, materials, functions and unsolved problems. Stefan Borselius has won several design prizes and awards, and some of the products he has designed are represented in the collections of the Swedish National Museum in Stockholm.

Borselius Design's studio is located in a the very south of Sweden. Borselius works for a number of different manufacturers and is often tasked with solving specific design problems.

Projects consist of analysis, concept-based sketching and visual form. Inspiration comes from many different impulses, and the solutions to our client’s challenges may include the innovative use of materials or the development of new forms, shapes or even product segments.