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Tondo Wood

Year: 2014
Manufacturer: Fogia

Tondo chair is all about the tension that occurs when opposites attract. It is designed to work equally well in the public space as a home environment, to be minimalistic yet still soft, simple and with its own personal expression. The aim was to make it classic yet playful, and preferably the darling of all. Getting there was a balancing act; intuition and emotion in interaction with craftsmanship and precision. The chair’s shape is created by the angular exterior that refers to the room and the soft interior that relates to the body.

The aim was also to produce a petite armchair, small enough to easily be placed in any context, but still comfortable to sit in. Tondo is simple in its design, but still possesses many possibilities. The chair’s thin metal legs makes it pretty and classic, while the rounded wooden legs have a more playful expression. With armrests and headrest it grows up to become a mature armchair.