Spino 90

Year: 2022
Manufacturer: Skandiform

Spino 90 is an additionell section that creates even more possibilities. With a slimmer curve creating a round, 90 degree corner, it offers a sofa without limits. Back to back. Eye to eye. 90 degrees or all the way round. Along a straight wall or standing alone. Everything is possible.

The shape shares the same iconic profile and are fully integrated in the Spino system. Spino 90 adds more versatility and adaptability to the modular sofa system.

Now the system has a straight, a narrow - and a big turn. It provides the opportunity to use Spino in very varied environments. Small rooms such as waiting rooms with a small corner sofa or narrow corridors along the wall. Large rooms such as shoppingmalls, entrances and airports where Spino can create islands or beautifully curling seating areas.