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Snooze Lounge chair

Year: 2004
Manufacturer: Blå Station

Back in 2004, ornamentation and decoration were almost taboo on contemporary furniture. Inspired by old buildings and furniture, we wanted to do something new – a chair where the pattern was part of the upholstery. We created an austere exterior of industrial precision contrasted by a graceful pattern.

We had not previously seen the production technique in furniture manufacturing, but we had seen it in small backpacks and helmet linings, and we became curious. We investigated the requirements and how large the factory could make parts, and we adapted our chair to suit. The new production technique made the fabric pattern unique as it could not be done any other way.

Snooze is as elegant underneath as it is on top. The chair is fitted with straight runners, or curved rockers. Snooze is represented in the collections of the Swedish National Museum in Stockholm. No longer in production.

Designed in collaboration with Fredrik Mattson.