Year: 2015

Any way is right.
Nothing is up, nothing is down, nothing is right, nothing is wrong. PILO is three bowls made from different materials and with varying lids. Manufactured from aluminium, brass and stainless steel, they can be rotated and piled up in endless combinations. The series is like Lego for adults, with a focus on tactile feeling and materials. The inspiration for the series has been the producers' precision, accuracy and craftsmanship in combination with the different metals.

PILO is for the eyes to look at, the hands to feel, change and use. Divide, put together, move, make tall or low stacks, all close together or far apart. Use them as bowls, candle holders or figures. Add a flower or make PILO into a hiding place for your most precious treasures.

The series is produced as a numbered edition and is sold in sets of three. Tall PILO is in aluminium, the medium size in brass and low PILO in stainless steel. They were made for an exhibition and were available for sale during the "Den Nya Kartan" exhibition. Please contact us if you are interested in buying.