Myko Armrests

Year: 2019
Manufacturer: Fogia

The comfort that Myko provides deserves more than being a dining chair. The armrests makes myko into a perfect hot-desk chair or home office chair.

Like a perfectly tailored suit, snug, yet relaxed and with an elastic band that tightens and highlights the waist and shape. Myko is inspired both by classic wooden chairs and chairs from the rococo period, but first and foremost clothing.

The method used to upholster the chair creates wrinkles in the back, a contrasting feature in comparison to the otherwise smooth and tight look. A lot of furniture for public environments are designed with a strict form language, which in a many cases becomes too strict for home environments as opposed to furniture designed for home environments are perceived to be too facile for public environments.

Myko is a result of a balancing act in designing for both home- and public environments, avaiable with a wide range of different bases of different materials and finishes.