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Year: 2008
Manufacturer: ateljé Lyktan

In this lamp, design work focuses on the lighting grid that gives volume and shape to the design. The design was based on the light source itself, on the way the light spreads and on the need to shield the user’s eyes from the light source.

Using extruded aluminium for more than just an outer shell means that all the functions interact in the profile: dimming, cooling, technology, function and form are integrated to create a unique lamp.

The lamp top is an aluminium profile that contains the technical features, reflectors, light sources and the adjustable hanging system. The lower section consists mainly of the grid, an extruded profile, where the major part of the structure is removed to open up to the light. The interconnector between the two profiles consists of a snap-fitting on one side and a hinge on the other. Everything is integrated into the profiles.

Fogg uses two lamps, with separately adjustable uplights and downlights. The lamp measures 10 cm in diameter and comes in lengths of 70 cm, 130 cm and 160 cm in a black or natural finish. The upper light source is almost completely open to give a good uplight that is reflected from the ceiling and which, together with the dimmable downlight, gives a pleasant light.The products are no longer in production.