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Dundra bar stool

Year: 2011
Manufacturer: Blå Station

A bar stool that feels as soft as it looks. Dundra is a growing family. It began with the Dunder sofa with its cushion-shaped seat and back. When we created the chair we kept the button in the back, but the cushions were given a softer, more rounded treatment. Two pillow-shaped cushions on legs of lightweight chrome-plated steel. A lounge chair and bar stool were developed the same year as the chair.

A bar stool in two different heights with a backrest arrived in 2012. The series was extended the following year with simple stools, a sofa and coffee table. The chair has a narrow armrest, and an additional, more upholstered version also available as an armchair and sofa. Except for the High Back chair, that arrives 2018, the Dundra family members are all stackable.