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Dunder Sofa

Year: 2010
Manufacturer: Blå Station

The inspiration for Dunder sofa came from the pillow-shaped cushions. One big cushion to sit on, one to lean against, and maybe one on which to rest your arms. That’s really all that’s needed. The seat springs, together with the sumptuous, moulded foam provide firm, comfortable support. The cushions with their roughly rectangular but rounded, chubby shape, create a gently undulating appearance.

Dunder modular seating consists of five different sections – middle, corner, left-hand end unit, right-hand end unit and footstool. This gives you plenty of opportunity to build a sofa in all sorts of shapes and sizes, or create your own corner sofa, chaise longue and chair. The large buttons in the back give the furniture even more volume and enhance its unique appearance. There is also a matching armchair, with a chubby charm and generous dimensions.