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Combo 2

Year: 2020
Manufacturer: Blå Station

A roughly sketched silhouette of a barstool with a footrest next to a table was the starting point for the design process of Combo, a bar-height seiers of furniture.

Combo 2 is a stable but simplistic barstool with a proper sized footrest, entirely made from recyclable aluminium. Designed to avoid ungainly four-legged barstools which are easy to trip over.

Combo 1 is a table in the same series, equally minimalistic and ovious in its iconicity, perfect to combine with the barstool Combo 2. 1+2= Combo 3, a combo of the other two. An all in one, area-efficient seatingmodule. In a bar setting it becomes a natural piece to gather round, but just as functional in any public space for occasional sitting, with your laptop or cup of coffee.

Designed in collaboration with Thomas Bernstrand.