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Year: 2009
Manufacturer: ateljé Lyktan

The fundamental idea behind the development of this lamp was to reduce the use of materials without compromising the product’s main function – to cast a pleasant light. To minimise the environmental impact of on-site waste, instead of removing and discarding the cellular plastic when unwrapping a luminaire, the packaging itself becomes the luminaire!

Buddy is made of tough, heat-resistant, recyclable plastic. Thanks to the high quality of the materials used, the plastic transmits a pleasantly warm yet highly effective diffused light. It’s available in two versions. Bud is a square box, and is intended for suspension from the ceiling or for use on the floor like a glowing cube. The other is Buddy, a rectangular box with a diffuser grid of stiff card. There could hardly be a simpler solution without forsaking functionality. The products are no longer in production.