Bob Job

Year: 2018
Manufacturer: Blå Station

At the successful launch of Bob in 2017, it seemed that the modular system had endless possibilities and could fit any environment. In February 2018 two more modules was added to the family, adding even more options and versatility. Later the same year it stands clear that the story of BOB is never ending. BOB Job is an add-on system for BOB, aimed at adding workspaces and storage in activity-based office environments, privacy in hotel lounges, sound absorption in busy environments, greenery in a library or a combination of all.

BOB Job consists of three different table tops, six different partitions, a coat hanger hook and two storage units, substituting a back or seat. The possibilities of BOB has gone from endless to infinite.

BOB Job is designed in collaboration with Thomas Bernstrand and produced by BLÅ STATION